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We’ve acquired the IP and official drawings for Paco Winders Manufacturing and now we’re bringing Paco converting machines for tubes and cores up to ELSNER Standards.

Safety is our #1 priority.

Read about the acquisition of Paco Winders from Ox Industries.

Paco by ELSNER. Reliable equipment for all your tube core and can needs.

Do you have a new machine request, a rebuild, or a retrofit in mind? Do you need us to evaluate your machine to find out how to make it “like new”?

Paco Winder Saws by ELSNER - Spiral Winder
Spiral Winder

LSW – 2A | MW-8 | MW-16 | HSW – 20A

Paco Winder Saws by ELSNER - Mechanical Operated Saw
Mechanical Operated Saw

LS – 3 | MS-8 | CS-16 | CS-20

Paco Winder Saws by ELSNER - Automated Tub Recutter
Automatic Tube Recutter


Paco Winder Saws by ELSNER - Convoluted Winder Series
Convolute Winder Series


Machinery for Tubes & Cores

•Automatic Tube Recutters AR Series
•Cut-off Saws
•Spiral Winders MW Series
​•Convolute Winders C-Series

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