Custom Machining

For over 85 years, ELSNER’s unmatched expertise in custom machining and manufacturing has set us apart. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our advanced CNC machining capabilities, comprehensive welding services, and state-of-the-art machine shop equipped with the latest lathes, mills, and more. Our skilled assemblers, electricians, and machinists are dedicated to turning your visions into reality with precision and efficiency.

Standing tall in the industry, our company is recognized not just for our extensive history but for our ability to consistently adapt to the evolving needs of manufacturing and CNC machining. Our full-time engineers and designers, proficient in 3D and 2D design, offer unparalleled expertise to every project, ensuring innovative solutions that meet your specific requirements.

We are committed to excellence in custom machining and manufacturing, leveraging our decades of experience to offer unique, complex solutions. Discover why we are the preferred choice for all your CNC machining and manufacturing needs, backed by a legacy of innovation and a future focused on customer satisfaction.

“As a customer for almost 20 years, we own multiple Elsner converting machines. Our business involves a high mix of products and materials that require fast and easy change over, and our Elsner machines provide that.”

Dale, Anstey Wallcoverings
ELSNER custom machining and contract manufacturing in Hanover, PA
ELSNER in Hanover PA contract machining and custom manufacturing

Facilities Listing

In addition to our list of well maintained machine tools, we have many floor mounted and portable drill presses, tool grinders, shears, roll benders, arbor presses, etc. Our fabricating department is well equipped for all types of welding, including MIG, TIG, and spot welding and the necessary grinders, etc. The entire manufacturing area is air conditioned and all bays are served by overhead crane facilities with capacities ranging from 2 to 10 tons, up to 19’ under the hook.

Clausing Mill SUP6BVSCNC, 45915, 41”x 19”x 16”, 5HP Acu-Rite 3500i control
Clausing Mill SUP6BVSCNC, 5113, 41”x 19”x 16”, 5HP Acu-Rite 3500i control
Clausing Mill SUP8BVSCNC, 47220, 46.6” x 22.25” x 20.57”, 7.5HP, Acu-Rite Mill Pwr G2 control
Daewoo DVM4020, 12102, 40” x 20”, 20 5HP, 24 tool, 1000 psi coolant thru, 4th axis rotary table
Daewoo DVM4020, 12206, 40” x 20”, 20 5HP, 30 tool, 1000 psi coolant thru, 4th axis rotary table
Doosan DBC 110S, 49017, 78.4” x 59” x 47.2” x 21.6″, 35HP, 40 tool, coolant thru, 4th axis table
Doosan DNM6700, 47320, 51.18” x 26.38” x 24.6”, 25HP, 30 tool, 12k spindle, coolant thru
Doosan DNM750L/50 II, 47421, 85.03” x 30” x 25.6”, 30HP, 30 tool, 8k spindle, coolant thru, 4th axis rotary table
Fanuc Robodrill D21MiB5RR5-Plus-K, 47923, 5 axis, 19.69”x15.75”x15.75”, work 25.6”x15.7”, 65 tool, 10k spindle, coolant thru
Mighty 2100AP Viper, 6000, 81” x 41.3” x 32.3”, 30HP, 4th axis rotary table
V-Tec VF-4000, 46005, 164” x 84” x 36” 25HP, 60 tool, coolant thru, right angle head

Bridgeport Series 1, 1581, 27” x 9” x16”, 2HP
Bridgeport Series 1, 4385, 27” x 9” x16”, 2HP
Bridgeport Series 1, 21164, 20” x 9”x 16”, 2HP
G&L DP4T Boring Mill, 2774, 87” x 55” x 30”, 20HP, 4” spindle

Doosan Puma 2600LY, 47517, 10” chuck ,51.6” turning length, 30HP, 3” X 48” bar feed, Y axis live tooling
Doosan Puma 2100Y, 47619, 8” chuck, 20.47” turning length, 30HP, 2.625” X 48” bar feed, Y axis live tooling
Doosan Puma 3100ULY, 47721, 12” chuck, 123” turning length, 40HP, follower rest, Y axis live tooling
Nakamura MX-100, 48023, 9 axis millturn, 6” chuck, turning 34.25”L 12”D 48”x2.5” barfeed, 72 tool, 20k 1000psi coolant thru
Okuma Crown E, 3298, 8” chuck, 19.7” between centers,12HP

Mazak-30, 3088, 28” chuck, 120” between centers, 20HP, steady rest, gap swing 40.5” x 12.5”
Monarch 612, 2267, 16” chuck, 54” between centers, 10HP, steady rest
Monarch EE, 2180, 10” chuck, 20” between centers, 5HP

Brown & Sharpe Micromaster Surface Grinder, 10064, 12”x36”, 5HP
Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinder, 8460, 14”dia x 84”, 5HP

Barber-Coleman 16-16 Gear Hobber, 11790, 16”dia, 2HP
Fellows 6A Gear Shaper, 4462, 18’dia x 5”, 3HP

Hypertherm Powermax1000, 39205, Plasma Cutter 1” capacity
Miller Spectrum 875, 40921, plasma cutter 7/8” capacity
Miller Welder 350-P, 40607, Mig, wire feed
Miller Welder 350-P, 40707, Mig, wire feed
Miller Welder 350-P, 40807, Mig, wire feed
Miller Welder 350-P, 41121, Mig, wire feed
Miller Welder 350-P, 47117, Mig, wire feed
Miller Welder Dynasty 200 DX Pulse, 46115, Tig
Miller Welder Syncrowave 300, 41021, Tig
Miller Welder Syncrowave 350 LX 35600, Tig
Rex FRU-20 Spot Welder, 4446

Baileigh CS-350EU, 42021, cold saw
Do-All 3012-U Vertical, 3763, 12” x 30”, 3HP
Do-All 3613-1 Vertical, 4188, 13” x 36”, 3HP
Do-All C-305A Horizontal, 4508, 12” x 12”, 5HP
Do-All C-305A Horizontal, 4694, 12” x 12”, 5HP

Guifil GHE 625 Shear, 12093, 8’4” length, 32 Ton
Steelweld H3½-8 Brake Press, 5046, 11.5’ length, 7.5HP, 112 tons

American H-10-48 Broach, 4838, 10 ton
Brown & Sharpe Micromaster Surface Grinder, 10064, 12”x36”, 5HP
Dake 75H Hydraulic Press, 38405, 75 ton capacity
JBI DB-1010-S Paint Booth, 23094, 7’x9 ½’x9 ½’
Landis Threading Machine, 4239, 8” chuck, 12”
Lemco Shaft Straightening Press, 8863, 4”dia, 12 Ton
Royson Engineering 3CTV-IS Vibratory Finisher, 48323, 38″x14″
Sunnen MBB-1660 Hone, 10478, 16” length, ½HP

Faro Arm Portable CMM, 45815
Hexagon Metrology Arm, 47821
Phase II Hardness Tester, 46215

GF Agie Charmilles CUT C 600, 48123, wire edm, travel 23.62″x15.75″x13.78″, work 40.55″x31.50″x13.78″
GF Agie Charmilles CUT C 600, 48223, wire edm, travel 23.62″x15.75″x13.78″, work 40.55″x31.50″x13.78″

Check out this success story

Elsner Machining Capabilities ​Result in Superior Parts and Savings for Yazoo

When Yazoo Mills, a South-Central PA-based manufacturer of paper tubes and cores, needed parts quickly, Elsner delivered both in timeliness AND savings.

Yazoo logo in Hanover PA


​Richard Smarsh
Facilities/Project Manager, Yazoo Mills, Inc.

PROBLEM: A vendor delayed an important order, and Yazoo needed parts quickly. Elsner jumped in to push the needed parts order to the top of the heap.

ELSNER CUSTOM SOLUTION: The Elsner machining team not only got the parts to Yazoo quickly. The superior-manufactured parts saved them by wearing better, lowering the consumption number:

Clutches: Previous Consumption to Elsner: 29/year. Since Elsner: 22/year est. savings $6,000.00

Return Arm: Previous Consumption to Elsner- 24/year. Since Elsner:- 9/year est. savings $7,800.00

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