lndustrial Automation & Robotics Applications

ELSNER provides automated solutions that help our customers meet their demands. From surgical drapes and gowns to canister wipes and spiral-wound filters, ELSNER’s expertise has been instrumental in optimizing production processes by seamlessly integrating automation.

In today’s world, it has become increasingly apparent that investing in automated solutions is crucial for manufacturers seeking resilience against potential disruptions. Failing to embrace automation can result in significant costs and missed opportunities for businesses to thrive in the future.

Industrial Automation

Consistent Quality & Cost Savings. On Repeat.

•Reduce labor costs
•Reduce lost time accident expenses
•Run production without interruption, minimizing changeover time
•Increase speed of production
•Reduce inconsistencies and increase quality
•Minimize waste and eliminate inconsistent manual processes
•Keep workforce from handling messy & hazardous materials

ELSNER Automated & Robotic Solution Processes

Sealing and Welding

•Ultrasonic sealing
•Tube forming
•Seal and cut
•Heat sealing​

Adhesive Dispensing

•Adhesives, sealants, PSAs
•Accurately locate material, apply consistent amount of material within thousandths of an inch every time.

Vision Tracking & Vision Inspection

  • Vision tracking system allows robot to quickly locate area and accurately perform necessary inspections.

Material Handling & Assembly

•EOAT (End of arm tooling)
•High Speed Pick and place robots
•Walking Beam
•Die Cutting
•Stacking and Unstacking
•Load and Unload

Gantry Solutions

•End of line material handling
•Machine loading/unloading

Multiple Axis Articulated Robots

  • Custom robotic solutions to meet your production needs.

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