Why You Should Try Frank’s Wipes For Your Next Shop Towel

When it comes to cleaning, having the right tools for the job is essential. One of those necessary tools is the unassuming shop towel. From cleaning up spills to wiping down machinery to washing your car, shop towels are a versatile and indispensable part of the worker’s toolkit. If you are looking for the perfect industrial wipe, look no further than Frank’s Wipes, manufactured by ELSNER. 

Let’s take a closer look at why Frank’s Wipes are so unique.

  • Heavy Duty and Versatile Performance:  

Frank’s Wipes were specifically designed for use in industrial environments.

They are built to withstand the rigors of heavy use and can hold up to the demands of the most challenging jobs. Frank’s Wipes can be used for various tasks, from cleaning spills and leaks to wiping down machinery. They are also great for general cleaning and maintenance tasks around your shop.

  • High-Quality Manufacturing: 

We don’t cut corners at ELSNER, and Frank’s Wipes are no exception. Our towels are spunlaced, and the material has no binders, chemicals, or adhesives. They are made using high-pressure water jets that entangle the various fibers to form a strong web. The fibers are washed during the fabric formation creating a towel with very low lint and exceptional strength.

  • Durable and Absorbent: 

Frank’s Wipes are incredibly strong and durable. They can handle the most formidable job without falling apart or tearing, which means you can do the job faster and more efficiently. They can soak up various liquids quickly and thoroughly. This is important when dealing with spills or leaks. These towels are designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs with a high level of absorbency and durability. Whether dealing with oil, grease, or other industrial substances, Frank’s Wipes can handle it.

Frank’s Wipes are a high-quality, reliable choice for your industrial cleaning needs. With their heavy-duty performance, industrial-grade design, and versatility, you can trust that Frank’s Wipes will get the job done. They are engineered to clean.

Frank’s Wipes are available on Amazon.