Wet/Dry Wipes Machinery

With hundreds of machines in dozens of countries, ELSNER has been part of driving the evolution of the wipes industry since our first perforator was produced here back in the 1970s.  Measuring OEE is an important practice and is impacted heavily by whether you choose the right way to reach your production goals and the right choice starts with the right equipment.  Only ELSNER ENR-Series automatic perforator rewinder wipes machinery can give you the best chance of having the right production efficiencies and effectiveness:  Overall ELSNER Effectiveness.

Specialized Machines for Rolled Wipes Production

​SPEED & SIMPLICITY engineered into every ELSNER machine to ensure highest levels of productivity.

Meet the newest additions to our Canister Wipes Production Machinery for a single-source solution:

The ERB-350 Roll Bagger and the ERS-180 Roll Stuffer

​Increased uptime
Smooth integration
Increased speed
Ease of changeover
Reduced supply chain sources

ERS-180 Automatic Roll Stuffer
ERB-305 Automatic Roll Bagger
ERS-180 Automatic Roll Stuffer
ERB-305 Automatic Roll Bagger

Can’t Decide Which ​ENR-Series Rewinder is Best for Your Production Goals?

Here’s a side-by-side comparison that can help:

Productivity Boosting Options

Fully integrated solutions for the ENR series of machines

Mill Roll Splicer
Ultrasonic Tail Tie
Folding Plow

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