ELSNER rewinders produce perfect coreless rolls of wallpaper and wallpaper borders and may be integrated with printing and embossing machinery.

Specialists in Customized Machinery for Wallcoverings

Our advanced converting machines with unmatched speed, efficiency & reliability.

  • Wallpaper
    — Single & Double Sidewall Wallpaper
    — Commercial Width Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper Borders
    — Flat and Carded Borders

Unmatched Speed, Efficiency, and Reliability

  • Label Inserter
  • End Sealed
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Instruction Inserter

Specialized Machines for the Wallcoverings Market

​Purpose built precision boosts productivity at every turn.

GWR-760 Wallcovering Rewinder​
RRW-1400-W High Speed Counter Roll Rewinder
GS-4-800 Fully-Automatic Rewinder

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