The ELSNER Model RMW-30 Coreless Wallcovering Rewinder is designed to meet stringent industry demands for fast operation and operator convenience. It requires a minimum of floor space having an integral automatically edge-guided unwind stand which is quickly loaded and enables easy three-up of the web through the machine.

The machine has an easily viewed web inspection area, conveniently placed operator control console and roll discharge tray. Other features include digital push button setting for roll length, quick operator adjustable web steering control for quality edge finished rolls and a fully automatic web tension control system. Roll lengths are set in seconds and flawed material rolls are ejected upon the actuation of a push button, without interrupting production.

High quality, straight-edged wallcovering rolls are effortlessly produced, wound pattern out, with the ELSNER Model RMW-30 Rewinder. The machine operates in a cyclic manner bringing the material to a complete stop at cut-off and thenaccelerates to a maximum speed before slowing and stopping for the next cut. This preferred method of operation allows for the most positive inspection of the web since a portion of each finished roll is viewed while stopped.

Well designed to withstand the rigors of years of use, this machine is manufactured to traditional Elsner quality and workmanship standards. A large inventory of spare and repair parts is maintained at the factory as is a staff of trained service technicians.

 Backed by years of experience in producing coreless wallcovering rewinders, this machine represents the very finest in equipment available today for producing perfect coreless wallcovering rolls.

One of the many fine coreless type Rewinders produced by Elsner. Core-type rewinders also available to meet nearly any consumer roll converting requirement. Please send specifications describing your needs.