Rewinder for Rolled Cohesive Bandages


  • Web width range up to 14" (350 mm)
  • Master roll diameter up to 47" (1200 mm) on 3" ID (76 mm) plastic core including one (1) unwind air shaft
  • Driven unwind for automatic tension control during unwind
  • Automatic edge guide of master roll
  • One (1) core size mandrel design available in the standard range of ¾" OD (25 mm) minimum through 1 ¾" (45 mm) OD maximum nominal size.
  • Core hopper and feed mechanism
  • Maximum speed of 112 fpm (34 mpm) 15 logs per minute, whichever governs
  • Cut length of extensible product 2.5 yards with stretchability of 200%. Stretched length runs at 5 yards.
  • Shear-type precision rotary cut-off system for straight cut-off (non-serrated)
  • Easy operator hand adjustability when mechanical adjustments are required for diameter changes
  • Automatic peeling assist device to protect unwind of mill roll fabric
  • Operator touch screen interface with machinery diagnostics
  • Fully safety guarded with lock-out/tag-out features and full interlock guard switches


The Elsner Model BRM-1000 Elastic Bandage Rewinder is designed to convert retail rolls of extensible elastic bandage material from master rolls of material in a fully automatic operation. Features such as electronic length, as well as machinery diagnostics from a touch screen operator interface are standard.