US Series
Unwind System

The US-760 incorporates the latest Elsner roll handling and tension control technology. It features shafted operation and pneumatic, off-the-floor lift for rolls as heavy as 2,000 pounds (907.2 kg). High finished product quality is ensured by sonic web tension control with air-cooled, air operated brakes. Automatic edge guiding allows for the use of telescoped rolls with a maximum correction of plus or minus 2 inches (50.8 mm). Built-in safety interlocks prevent accidental unsafe operation. The tension control system ties in to your production line “stop” control and automatically increases pressure to the brake to prevent over-coasting of the unwind mill roll.

The ELSNER Model US-760 is completely self-contained, pre-wired, pre-piped and ready to install. It accommodates a maximum 40-inch (1 m) diameter mill roll with a 30-inch (760 mm) width. Roll width up to 84 inches (2130 mm) and brake size options are available to fit your operation. Contact us with your requirements.