Small Roll Rewinder

The Model SRW-500 Short Roll Coreless Rewinder from Elsner is designed specially for high-speed converting of book cover materials. It handles both adhesive-backed plastics (with release sheet) and nonadhesive plastics, as well as other film and vinyl web products.

Rewind your book cover materials speeds up to 80 rolls per minute for 40-inch (1 m) cut lengths and 60 rolls for 80-inch (2 m) cut lengths. The maximum web speed is 328 feet per minute (100 m/minute). This high-speed machine includes automatic label roll closure, the Elsner Model EPT-1 Automatic Tension Control unit, state-of-the-art programmable logic control electronics, digital cut-length control adjustment in centimeter or inch increments, a built-in off-the-floor mill roll-lift system, and a shear-cut rotary knife with tangent start. You also receive traditional Elsner quality, reliability and service – including a full supply of spare parts in a large, ready-to-ship inventory.