Model XZ Rewinder

Type XZ Automatic Rewinders from ELSNER are heavy-duty machines that easily convert a wide range of web materials onto cores in roll lengths up to 250 feet (76.2 m) and longer.

In addition, you get traditional ELSNER quality, reliability, and service – including a full supply of parts in a large, ready inventory.

Heavy plain, printed, waxed, or coated papers, building papers, asphalt papers, and protective papers, plastics, vinyls, HDPE, and aluminum foils – supported and unsupported – are all quickly handled by the Type XZ. This rewinder automatically feeds the web, starts winding around the core without tape or adhesives, cuts off accurately to the desired length, and deposits finished rolls on  the conveyor. Exact roll tension assures high product quality.

The entire operation is fast. A variable speed AC motor drive with Elsner microprocessor control provides the highest production possible. Depending on the material, web speeds go as high as 1200 linear feet (366 m) per minute during the rewind cycle.

During cut-off and core starting the speed is automatically reduced then smoothly
accelerated back to full speed. This exclusive cyclic action control permits high speed rewinding on materials that would otherwise be rewound at slower, constant speeds.

The Type XP is available in six models to accommodate roll widths from 6 inches (152 mm) to 48 inches (1220 mm). Let us specify the model best suited to your requirements.

Many options are available for fast production that fits your operation. Call or write with your requirements for literature or a detailed quotation.