Centerfold Machine

High Speed Folding Boards & Rewinding with Ease, Flexibility & Cost Efficiency

Fast conversion of packaging & other films.  Center fold and rewind at speeds up to 1,500 feet/minute.


·      Finished Rolls:  Centerfolded film starting from widths up to 52" on 3" and 6" cores.  Maximum finished roll diameter is 18".

·      Master Rolls: Film from 30 gauge up to 3.5 mil in thickness on 3” or 6” cores. The maximum master roll weight to be accommodated is 1,000 pounds. The maximum mill roll diameter is 30”.

·      Edge Guide:  A servo-motor driven edge guide system is standard on the machine and will accommodate poorly wound or telescoped master rolls up to ±2.0” edge wander. Razor blade type edge trim is included for the non-fold edge just prior to rewinding. 

·      Inline Web Folding: Steel V-plow assembly to support lightweight film, folding the material in half.

·      Static Control:  Integrated options for static control.

·      Final Product Flexibility:  A "Quick Change" Lay-on roller is used to control final product density,  designed so that rollers with different coverings can be used to match the production material being processed.   Web path versatility to have print side "in" or "out" at rewind.