The ELSNER Tech Center is a testament to our desire to help our customers optimize their manufacturing processes.

We realized that providing opportunities for research, development, and material testing is something we should provide in the marketplace. Our mission as longstanding experts in the converting machinery industry is to connect you with our experience and expertise.

When ELSNER developed the ELSNER Tech Center (ETC), we set our sights on sharing our converting expertise and experience. Our mission is to provide product research, development, and substrate testing, as well as fill manufacturing gaps for both established converters and new-to-the-market converters with overflow or new/pilot product converting needs.


​Watch this video for a peek at the ELSNER Tech Center

  • Product Development
  • New/pilot product converting
  • Overflow Converting
  • Substrate/Material Testing
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • Package Development
  • Vendor Partnership Development
  • Liquid Absorption Testing: Watch the Video
  • Perforation Pull Testing
  • Technical Training
  • Home of ELSNER Certified and ELSNER University

The ELSNER Tech Center Works: Partners Not Competitors

What’s it like to partner with the ETC?  Check out our Case Study: How the ETC helped up-and-comer wipes manufacturer
Whoosh! succeed!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Rochelle Serna

“I’m not sure if there’s a way to properly express my gratitude for the Elsner team and Tech Center. As a small start-up finding my way in the giant wipes industry, I can say without a doubt that Elsners Tech Center is responsible for making my entrepreneurial dreams come true! My project may not be the biggest or easiest to run, but they have been kind, generous, flexible, and innovative the entire time we’ve worked together, and have done so with the highest level of respect. Even though I’m a smaller business, they’ve treated me as an all-star client since the beginning. I very much look forward to continuing our work together!”

Contact the ETC

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Tobin Rote
Tel: +1-717-637-5991
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