Introducing the new ENR G3-48: Redefining Efficiency in Wipes Production

We proudly introduce the ENR-G3-48 Rewinding Machine. This groundbreaking addition to our machine line sets new standards for canister wipe production by delivering unparalleled productivity gains. “We listened to customers and heard their feedback,” says ELSNER CEO Bert Elsner. “Sometimes wider is better. The newest 48-wide machine achieves more product throughput at higher speeds without sacrificing adaptability and versatility. We know it will significantly impact the productivity of our customers.”

The new ENR can load up to a 48-inch substrate and is engineered to provide over a 14% increase in product output compared to ELSNER’s ENR-G3 42” wide machine in the same amount of time. This leap in productivity will allow manufacturers to meet the demand for wipes while optimizing their production processes. All while providing the same versatility and quick changeovers available in all Elsner machinery.

Key Features of the new ENR Rewinding Machine:

  1. Enhanced Productivity: With the ENR-G3-48, manufacturers can load 14% more material and produce 14% more product, making it the ultimate solution to meet the ever-growing market demands without compromising quality.
  2. Impressive Speed: At recently tested speeds up to 800 feet per minute, the ENR-G3-48 can produce an impressive 128 rolls per minute of the industry-standard 75-sheet count (6″ x 8″) canister wipes. This accelerated production rate empowers manufacturers to meet high demand efficiently.
  3. Precision Engineering: ELSNER, a trusted name in the industry, has engineered the ENR to ensure precision, consistency, and reliability in wipes production.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The ENR is equipped with an intuitive user interface that streamlines operation and minimizes the learning curve for machine operators.
  5. Robust Construction: This machine is designed with durability, ensuring a long and productive lifespan.

Elsner Engineering has a heritage of manufacturing Purpose Built Precision solutions for industries worldwide. The newest ENR-G3 is a testament to our dedication to excellence, offering

businesses innovative tools to enhance their production capabilities.

For more information on the ENR-G3-48 and how it can benefit your business, please contact ELSNER at 717-637-5991 or email our sales engineers at