Interview with Kirk Becker About the ELSNER Tech Center

For over 85 years Elsner has been designing and building converting machinery for a wide variety of industries. A few years ago, we came to the idea that we needed to share our vast knowledge with our customers. We felt if we could help our customers grow, Elsner in turn would grow. So, we created the Elsner Tech Center, or ETC, to accomplish this goal.

ETC resides in a separate 10,000 sq. ft space, outside from our machine building operation. The focus for ETC is simple. Provide the services that our customers have requested from us most often. There are four basic groups this falls under

First would be our Private Label converting services of rolled products to support start up and limited production. ETC can run a wide variety of materials from waxed paper, foil and wallpaper to weed block fabric and medical exam paper. Need a poster rolled? Yes, we can help with that too.

Second would be our material certification program that we call Elsner Certified. This dynamic program brings together the material manufacturer and the converter utilizing Elsner’s tremendous knowledge base and testing instruments. We develop the recipe for that new product on an Elsner machine so that the converter can be up and running production as soon as the new material gets to them.

Next would be to provide training to the employees of our customers so that they are getting the most out of their Elsner machine. This is Elsner University. We offer training programs for the all levels of skill from an entry level operator to the most knowledge-able maintenance person. Attending Elsner U also gives our customers direct access to the Elsner team that designed, built and tested those machines.

Finally, ETC offers an opportunity to “try it before you buy it” of some of our most popular machines. Customers that take advantage of this, experience being able to ask specific types of questions that allows them a deeper understanding of the machine’s capabilities. We encourage this since it helps our customers understand the true value of the Elsner machine.

So, what does ETC mean to you? Simply, that ETC offers leveraging our expertise and experience so that you can make better decisions and optimize your manufacturing.

Give us a call – we’ll be happy to help.