ELSNER History

With a global footprint spanning 60 countries and more than 3,000 machines worldwide, ELSNER has revolutionized the world of machinery and automation. Our rich heritage, built over 80 years of unwavering commitment to innovation and precision, has consistently given our customers a competitive edge.

The Journey Begins with Our Founders

Eight decades ago, Frank and Johanna Elsner embarked on a remarkable journey that laid the foundation for our success. Starting with humble beginnings, they transformed a modest venture into a thriving enterprise that not only benefited their company but also their customers and the community at large. Today, Elsner proudly boasts a global presence, with a vast network of 3,000+ machinery units operating in 60 countries, adept at winding, packaging, and folding various products.

Our Roots

Frank and Johanna Elsner’s story begins in 1924 when they immigrated to America to escape the hardships of post-World War I Germany. Frank, a mechanical engineer, initially took on various roles, including machinist, patent drafter, mechanical designer, and plant engineer in a cigar box factory.
During the Great Depression, Frank’s knack for problem-solving set the stage for Elsner’s future success. The company began in a former broom factory with just two employees and has since evolved into a 117,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with over 100 employees. Innovative design, unwavering customer satisfaction, and consistent growth have remained the cornerstone of Elsner’s business plan, initiated by Frank Elsner Sr. and perpetuated today.

Elsner’s Pioneering Innovations

In 1934, Frank and Johanna founded Elsner Engineering Works, initiating their first machine development project—an innovative slicer for the potato chip industry. This endeavor marked the beginning of a legacy that included cigar box manufacturing machines, automated fruit packing equipment (such as fringe folders, apple packers, paper shredders, and oilers), and a variety of machines for the cigar box industry.

A Revolution in Rewinding

In 1954, Frank recognized the potential for redesigning automatic rolling or rewinding machines. He aimed to create a versatile machine that was easy to set up and could meet the specific needs of customers. If a customer had a requirement, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. had a solution. The first Elsner rewinder and roll overwrapper were sold in December 1955 to Tuttle Press Company, revolutionizing the gift wrap industry.

From this modest inception, Elsner’s impact has grown significantly. Today, more than 3,000 machines of various sizes and configurations operate in 60 countries worldwide, a testament to our enduring commitment to innovation and precision in the world of machinery and automation.