ELSNER’s Take on the Industrial Wipe

There are over 3000 ELSNER machines all over the world. We have been specializing in machinery for decades, and we know how to take care of machinery and operate in the cleanest of environments. We developed our tough, absorbent, industrial wipes to provide a convenient way for our customers to keep their biggest investment, their machines, clean.

  • 1 Box / 125 sheets/roll
  • Frank’s Wipes are absorbent and reinforced to absorb liquids fast.
  • Each towel measures 10.5″ x 12″
  • Towels are easily pulled from a box’s center hole and perforated for easy separation.
  • Towels contain no adhesives or binders and they don’t fall apart or leave a residue.

Frank’s Wipes Applications

Manufacturing, Engineering, & Maintenance

 Machine and Equipment Cleaning
• Hand Cleaning

Automotive Industry

 Surface Prep Before Painting
​•Vehicle Cleaning and Maintenance

125 Wipes – 10.5″x12″
•  Multi-purpose  

• Absorbent
• Strong

ELSNER has been specializing in OEM machinery for the nonwovens market for decades. We realize that the demand for economical single or limited-use industrial nonwoven wipes has grown, and many of our machining customers could use a convenient, tough, absorbent wipe. So, we created Frank Wipes!
​(a nod to our founder, Frank Elsner)