ELSNER will feature automated filtration solutions for spiral wound filters.

ELSNER has announced that they will attend this year’s Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition alongside other membrane technology leaders.

“The single most important part of any filtration system is its filter,” says Dan Feeser, Sales Engineer at ELSNER.  “Organizations like AWWA provide a confluence for water professionals to network and share ideas to make this basic need a reality. Clean water is a fundamental need of every living person and Elsner Engineering’s filtration equipment has the automation to produce consistent and reliable filters each time.” 

ELSNER has been building automated folding, gluing, and rolling machinery for the spiral wound filter industry for nearly 20 years and is positioned as a world leader in automating processes related to manufacturing spiral wound filter elements.

ELSNER will be promoting a full line of filtration machinery at Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition:

Automatic Membrane Folding: The EMF-42 automatically converts membrane and plastic mesh into folded “leaves” for spiral wound elements.

EMF Machine Filtration ElsnerFilter Assembly and Rolling:  The APB-42 provides automatic pack building. The machine is designed to bring together filter components to produce spiral wound filter elements.

Filter Rolling, Taping & Gluing: The SFR-42 Automates tasks such as glue delivery & outer wrap tape application associated with manufacturing spiral wound membrane filter elements.  Our Element Rolling Table is a semi-automatic solution to filter rolling and taping.

Filter Element Finishing: The Element Trim Saw is designed to finish the edges of industrial liquid filtration elements such as those made on the ELSNER EMF-42/APB-42 Element Production Line.


About Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition:
The AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference explores how the latest developments in membrane technology can enhance water reliability and quality. Each year the conference reveals new directions in water and wastewater treatment technologies, desalting, and membrane bioreactor applications.

Founded in 1934, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. celebrates over 88 years of family-owned, continuous operation. ELSNER is a world leader in converting equipment for a wide range of industries and offers sales and service support of its equipment from its headquarters in Hanover, Pennsylvania USA. With over 3,000 machines in service throughout 60 countries globally, ELSNER leverages teamwork, accountability, and craftsmanship to exceed customer expectations and build brand loyalty.

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