Automation – A Case Study “The One-Man Factory”
Turnkey Solutions for Wipes Production

At Elsner, we’ve mastered the art of combining speed and efficiency through our turnkey solutions for the production of rolled wipes, transforming complex manufacturing setups into streamlined operations that can be managed almost single-handedly. How can Elsner help your company be a “one-man factory?” 


  • Comprehensive Solutions from Start to Finish: Elsner’s turnkey solutions for the production of rolled wipes encapsulate everything from the initial concept to the completion of production. With our turnkey approach, companies receive fully integrated systems designed for increased uptime, smooth integration, and remarkable speed, ensuring a seamless and efficient production process. 


  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Imagine reducing your operational team in half. Our advanced automation technology, exemplified by systems like the ENR-G3 and ERS-180 Automatic Roll Stuffer, allows for significant reductions in labor while enhancing productivity. We have seen customers able to reduce the number of hands touching wipes rolls, bags, canisters, and related packaging by 75% or more.  Not only does this drop the cost of labor for each product, but it also increases cleanliness and drops contamination risks with fewer touches.  This frees up valuable employees to focus on more value-added tasks. Check out the ELSNER Turnkey Solutions for Rolled Wipes Brochure


  • Speed to Market: Our turnkey solutions are not just about assembling the right machines; they’re about drastically reducing the time from production to market. Our ERS-180, the Stuffer, integrates perfectly with the ENR series, matching the G3 output of 180 canisters/minute.  Watch Jay, Director of Sales, explain how the ERS-180 works!


  • Customization for Unique Needs: Each industry and business has unique challenges and requirements. At ELSNER, we pride ourselves on providing customized solutions that address specific needs, ensuring that every client’s investment surpasses their expectations regarding functionality and performance. While we are the industry leader in converting machinery, our engineers, assemblers, and production managers are ready to tackle new industries. 


The “One-Man Factory” isn’t just a concept; it’s a reality made possible by our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By integrating our turnkey solutions, companies can transform their production lines into highly efficient, almost autonomous operations. Let us help you simplify your manufacturing process and turn complexity into profitability. 

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