Brand Promise


At Elsner, we make this promise to you, our customers, and to each other every day. We are here to help you reach the next level. We will always be working for you.

The most important part of any converting machine is invisible to the naked eye.


It’s the people who stand behind it.


No one backs up their customers like Elsner. You won’t see us every day, but we are always on the clock. Behind every machine is a team of experts fitting them to your precise applications. We provide one-to-one education, information and training that boosts productivity and ROI. And long after your initial purchase, we keep looking for new ways to maximize up time and safeguard your bottom line. It’s a full circle approach to customer care that no one else offers.


Doing the right thing is our most important value.

You can’t put a price tag on that. Integrity, innovation in tailoring machines to customers, and incomparable value produced a reputation for excellence with generations of businesses.


We provide hardworking machinery that’s built to last.

We build reliability, functional design, precision and durability into every Elsner machine. This uncommon level of craftsmanship makes them easier to use and more resistant to wear. That’s why we have had them up and running for decades on end.


We also provide you with hardworking partners whose mission never ends.

Uptime is everything. We get it. That’s why you get company leaders, expert technicians, and customer service representatives who are ready to help at any time. It’s flexibility that puts our clients first. That’s why so many stay with us for the life of their products.


Service is more than fixing a roller or delivering a part.

It’s a business partnership from day one. We’re not here to sell you the next new machine. We’re here to help you reach the next level. Purpose built machines. Purpose driven people. That’s Elsner.